“My son was reading at a 2nd grade level as he was starting 4th grade… He is flourishing now and is reading at grade level. He has turned into a different kid completely.”

-Melissa, Mom of 4th Grader

It’s time to try something different.

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On a Mission to Correct Learning Problems

Did you know that many struggles with thinking, learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills? Traditional tutoring can make things worse. Traditional tutoring might address the problem without treating the symptoms –which makes things worse in more ways than just grades.

We find the underlying problem and correct it.

Our learning centers located in Twin Falls and Boise Idaho specialize in adjusting tutoring methods to fit the educational method for any age. Understanding of their learning struggles can help prepare them for the future.


The usual treatment for ADHD is medication, but flash forward seven years from now.

The doctor might identify the problem, but they don’t have a lot of long-term solutions.

  • Is your child still on medication?
  • Has anything been done to address the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms?
  • Are you or your child frustrated with taking medication or multiple medications?

Brain Works tutors know the human brain is always learning and changing and it feeds off of stimulation at any age.


Kids with Dyslexia need very specific tutoring.

The Brain Works method has been proven to help kids with Dyslexia who have difficulty reading, including reading aloud, slow and labor-intensive reading and writing or problems spelling.

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“Gavin was at a 4th grade level in 7th grade and he has jumped. Just him understanding ‘I flip things,’ he has been able to talk himself through it. With his math he is starting to line up the columns and his math grades began improving. [He is] not switching up the numbers anymore. With Brain Works, Gavin’s reading has improved. He is much more confident, because he could understand things a little better.”Mom of 7th Grader

The chance learning problems are linked to weak cognitive skills.

A ten-year study by the National Institute of Health concluded that 88% of learning-to-read difficulties resulted from a single underlying cognitive skill weakness.


If even a single skill is weak, learning or reading will be difficult or impossible.

The evidence is overwhelming: Skill weaknesses are the likely cause of most learning struggles – not poor instruction, genetic sources or lack of motivation.

Cognitive skills testing is essential. Your child’s brain skills test result will empower you to learn their powerful learning struggles.

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