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What Is Brain Works?

Brain Works was founded in 2007 as a brain processing development company. Our mission is to improve their cognitive functioning to help them be better lifelong learners. At Brain Works, we are committed to assisting students to develop their thinking and brain functionality. We want to teach them how to learn. Unlike a private tutoring session at other facilities that focus on a particular lesson or topic and its repetition, we work on the cognitive skills required to think, learn, read, and memorize.

Brain Works isn’t Tutoring… It’s a Brain Processing Learning program!

How Does Brain Works Help?

Brain Works is a program set up to help children and adults by improving their thinking and brain functions. Traditional tutoring focuses on mastering one subject and repeating the information back, instead of truly learning it. By adjusting how your child thinks and learns, our methods provide permanent, global improvements to brain functioning and learning that tutoring can’t offer. Working on the learning deficiency will assist in all other subjects and will help later in life with jobs and relationships.

While each of us is born with a brain, they all work differently, and healthy brain function is not a guarantee in life. These deficiencies affect the way we act in school when we learn different material in class. Brain Works uses a method that makes the student aware of how their brain receives, processes, and stores information.

Our results we offer from the program are life-altering and permanent. If a child is struggling with learning, they can develop other poor habits that will curb their want to learn more and can halt it entirely. They appear lazy, but they also feel like a victim with no control in the matter.

Brain Works offers to help stop the feeling of victimization by teaching them how to navigate their world, articulate needs appropriately, and overcome barriers within school and life.

The Learning Process

The Learning Process has two pieces. First, we must be taught well. Second, our mind must turn teaching into learning. The traditional school provides the first piece. Brain Training develops the second piece.

Why Brain Works?

More exposure to learning will not get the roots of the learning problems. Brain Works cognitive training will.

FREE Assessment

In 2 hours or less, our Brain Coaches will identify the root cause of the learning deficiency, provide realistic expectations of the program, and offer you a solution to become a lifelong learner.

students working on homework on whiteboard

Who Can Benefit from Brain Works’ Cognitive Training?

ANYONE! Brain training at Brain Works has the power to improve the quality of life and to learn for almost any student regardless of their current level of learning, reading success, or age. We want to teach our students how to learn. We commit ourselves to improve our student’s brain function and thinking patterns.

Contact Brain Works in Idaho or Utah

Brain Works has 9 conveniently located training centers in Idaho and Utah. Call 208-366-4833 to schedule an assessment with one of our experienced cognitive training coaches.

Brain Works Training Centers:

Draper, UT Office
Logan, UT Office
South Ogden, UT Office
Bountiful, UT Office
West Jordan, UT Office
Murray, UT Office
American Fork, UT Office
Provo, UT Office
Twin Falls, ID Office

Take the First Step to a Faster, Smarter Brain