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Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Works

How is Brain Works radically different? We are different in the questions that we ask about our students: “How strong is his or her ability to learn?” Brain Works testing and training strengthens the key cognitive skills that are essential for easy, fast learning instead of trying to compensate for skill weaknesses.


What exactly is brain training?

Brain Training is a learning process that trains the cognitive skills used by the brain to think and learn.

Brain Works focuses exclusively on training the underlying cognitive skills that make learning possible.

We provide non-academic training procedures— one-on-one, that target and strengthen the individual student’s core mental abilities (i.e., processing speed, attention, memory, auditory/visual processing, logic, and reasoning). These critical skills are every student’s foundation for successful learning, and if overlooked, can create lifelong problems.

Throughout our program, students get paired with their private training specialist. Through this one-on-one relationship, the Brain Works Program is designed to produce significant improvements quickly for every individual.

Will this help my child?

Yes! If your child is looking to enhance learning, maximize potential, and learn faster – then, absolutely!

Today’s innovative Brain Works Program is the outgrowth of 30 years of research and clinical trials. Over the past decade, we have recorded dramatic results including but not limited to, improved performance in learning, reading, and math skills. This puts us at the top in cognitive skill improvement.

Can you help my child with ADD or ADHD?

We can help anyone who wants to learn, read, think faster and easier.

Our cognitive training exercises the brain in the same way that a fitness coach works with your muscles, and the results are similar – more strength to accomplish the task.

We love to help anyone looking for an edge: students of all ages facing new challenges, career professionals looking for a competitive advantage, or those only wanting to keep or refresh their mental edge for a fun, productive life.

How does this program promote reading success?

Many students do not bring sufficient cognitive skills to the task of learning to read quickly and efficiently.

Even if reading code letter sounds and combinations get taught thoroughly and sequentially, strong cognitive skills must be in place.

A student with a severe auditory processing deficiency, one who cannot concentrate adequately, works too slowly, has poor memory skills, or cannot create good mental images, will complete lessons slowly or exhibit poor retention.

If such a student completes our program, the stronger cognitive skills that result enable the student to learn rapidly, read faster, comprehend and retain more as they understand.

Will my child outgrow their struggles?

Waiting for your child to “grow out of” learning, reading, or attention difficulties is not an option.

Learning struggles rarely go away with time. On the contrary, waiting and hoping a problem will go away without appropriate intervention will only lead to frustration, poor grades, low motivation, and time wasted in school.

What should you do? If you sense a struggle, find help now before an undiscovered learning weakness permanently limits your child’s potential. There are easy, affordable steps you can take. If you fear that your child has a learning disability the first step is to have his or her cognitive skills tested. Cognitive skills testing will uncover the source of the struggle and guide you to a training strategy that can make a difference.

Potential is the possibility that something can develop or become actual. Your child has the potential to improve reading, spelling, comprehension, and change overall intelligence, as science now proves. The “gap” between untapped potential and a child’s performance can get closed with the right brain training. If this weren’t possible any efforts aimed at improvement—study, practice, drills—would be meaningless. Tell that to the winner of the school spelling bee, accomplished musician, or star athlete! What can you do? Uncover the source of what’s keeping your child’s full potential from being released. Have his or her cognitive skills tested to reveal these “gaps” caused by cognitive weaknesses? The test results will guide you to a powerful training strategy to help your child realize his or her potential. If cognitive skills weaknesses are at the root of your child’s trouble, traditional solutions like tutoring might not be the answer.

Is Brain Works worth the cost?

Brain Works = A Smart Move!

The Brain Works Program uses a “one-on-one” coaching environment has the potential to raise IQ by an average of 15 to 20 points, which statistics link to higher salaries.

In fact, a study by the US Department of Labor Statistics showed that a gain of even 10 IQ points can result in a $9,000 to $18,000 increase in annual earnings. Consider the financial advantage you are giving to your child, over the course of their lifetime!

Does it last?

Our programs create results that are dramatic and lasting, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

We measure the cognitive skills of every client before and after brain training. Whenever possible, we measure again a full year later.

Each of us is born with a wonderful mind…

Unfortunately, our mind doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Brain Works uses a method that makes a child aware of how their brain receives, processes, and stores information, thus helping them learn.

When a child struggles with learning, traits develop that markedly slow or stop their willingness to keep trying. They can appear lazy, but they feel like a victim with no control. Brain Works has methods that help your child improve their attitude and behavior. With Brain Works, your child learns how to navigate their world and how to articulate their needs and overcome barriers. The resulting change is permanent and life-altering.

Contact us today to start your child on the path to better learning.

Take the First Step to a Faster, Smarter Brain