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Your student could do better with brain training over tutoring. Call 208-366-4833 to request a time for a free no obligation evaluation. Evaluations typically take 30 minutes and refreshments will be provided. 

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Brain Works Can Help

Turn learning struggles into learning abilities!

Free Assessment

We can teach your struggling child how to learn, behave and socialize with a customized medication free program. See your child succeed where other efforts have left them behind.Get a free assessment that goes far beyond a traditional tutor. We can help with: behaviors, learning disorders, developmental delays, processing disorders, sensory-motor skill training, diagnosed and undiagnosed (ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia, OCD, ADD, ASD, Autistic…), and more.

Eric Call


Eric is an owner of Brain Works Idaho and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).