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Brain Training Services in Idaho

Since 2007 Brain Works has pursued honing cognitive skills to assist the people of Idaho with gaining better learning skills, unlike a private tutoring session at other facilities that focus on a particular lesson or topic and its repetition, we work on the cognitive skills required to think, learn, read, and memorize. We want to help students by figuring out their learning deficiency and working on that to help them learn better in the classroom and for life. Working on the neurological processes that are required to maintain new skills is what separates us from traditional tutoring programs.

parents helping child with homework

How Our Study Programs Work

The average student will take about six months to complete the training needed to make a lifelong change. The Brain Works Program sets goals for each student to achieve success. On average, six months to the time required to set up life-changing skills in action to make positive effects for your learning style. Most of our programs require about five times a week for one-hour sessions. We encourage loved ones or parents to get involved with these exercises.

In our most common program, we conduct one weekly office session with a student and parent. The Brain Works instructor will also guide the parent through the process in hopes they will be able to help the student at home. We can also set up more office sessions per week so that they there are fewer at home sessions. We currently offer programs from one to four offices sessions per week with the remaining sessions conducted at home to reach five weekly sessions.

How the Brain Works

The tens of billions of neurons in the brain are interconnected, and each brain cell can have over 1,000 branches. One cell can have thousands of connections. The more there are, the stronger your neural pathways. Stronger pathways mean the brain is more efficient at processing the information it receives. Mental exercise and problem-solving are just a couple ways to train the brain.

The Learning Process

Our assessment can determine what cognitive skills your child needs work on in under two hours. “How Learning Works” is a crucial target of our cognitive training protocol. We don’t focus on one subject like traditional tutoring. We want to know how the student processes the information presented to them through their senses and then how they can display the data.

Attitude & Symptoms

It’s not uncommon for one to realize their struggles, but not know the solution. Avoiding homework and tutoring centers is easy for children who lack proper processing skills. It happens far too often, and then children get left behind scholastically. Brain Works quickly identifies processing inefficiencies and works to train and strengthen cognitive skills.

Our Courses

Brain Works offers many different courses and we individualize these to all our students’ needs.

Family Brain Training Program

In this program, the student and a parent meet with a Brain Works Instructor once a week for 26 sessions. The instructor will train them in the operation of the program during these one-hour sessions. The student and parent will continue to work at home together, as instructed, for an hour 4 additional days per week. In this program, the parent becomes trained to potentially help additional students all at home.

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Office Brain Training Programs

In these programs, the student meets with a Brain Works Instructor 2, 3, or 4 times per week. The student is required to have 5 weekly training sessions. If the student has 3 weekly office sessions then an additional 2 sessions are required at home.

Online Programs

We currently conduct weekly brain training sessions via the internet throughout the would in English.

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