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Get Started with Brain Works Today!

Are you or someone you love struggling with learning, reading, remembering, or paying attention in the classroom or office? It’s never too late to get started working with the Brain Works programs in Idaho. Work with us to turn learning struggles into learning abilities! You can help get your loved one back on the path to learning. Brain training uses fun, but intense mental workout sessions to target weak skills. We aim for five sessions a week but offer at-home, online or office training.

kid not paying attention in school

I’m Ready to Talk to Someone

If you are ready to defeat your learning deficiency and get better at learning, remembering and reading, the first step is to call a Brain Works Brain Training Center near you in Idaho and schedule a Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment with us!

In less than two hours we assist in identifying the root cause of the challenges faced when attempting to learn new information or sets of skills. We use the Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment to detect and measure your cognitive weaknesses. We also build a personalized brain training to target those weaknesses and help you improve. Taking the assessment doesn’t obligate you to sign up either. You can take the results and use them at home to help yourself if you believe that is the next move for your improved cognitive abilities. Not all students responded to the Brain Works training in the same way. In fact, after taking the assessment, many families report experiencing an “Aha!” moment as they gain insights into the cause of the challenges that have been impacting daily life.

Take the First Step to a Faster, Smarter Brain