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How Brain Training Offers the Student Experience

Brain Works wants to offer the Student Experience to anyone that needs help with improving their ability to learn. We take on any student regardless of age, grade or current intelligence level. Most of us take for granted the amazing processes that happens in our brains when we learn. Processing information quickly helps us learn, answer, decide and enjoy the moment. Brain Works helps take on that information better than traditional tutoring by working on your individualized learning deficiency with brain training.

girl feeling accomplished after tutoring

What’s It Like to Go Through a Brain Works Program?

The average student will take about six months to complete the training needed to make a lifelong change. The Brain Works Program sets goals for each student to achieve success. On average, six months to the time required to set up life-changing skills in action to make positive effects for your learning style. Most of our programs require about five times a week for one-hour sessions. We encourage loved ones or parents to get involved with these exercises. In our most common program, we conduct one weekly office session with a student and parent. The Brain Works instructor will also guide the parent through the process in hopes they will be able to help the student at home. We can also set up more office sessions per week so that there are fewer at home sessions. We currently offer programs from one to four office sessions per week with the remaining sessions conducted at home to reach five weekly sessions.

little girl getting tutored

Why Should We Hire a Brain Trainer?

Brain Works was founded in 2007 as a brain processing development company. We hope to get people learning in the most efficient way. We focus on cognitive learning skills to get to the root of why they aren’t thinking, remembering, learning, reading, paying attention, or cooperating with others as well. Brain training is the key to getting back on top in the classroom. We will get your student back to where they need to be in the classroom, and we can do it with your help! Our brain training facilitators will work with parents as well to foster the lessons while in the home as well as our facility.

Take the First Step to a Faster, Smarter Brain